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Move Your Business Into the Future with VoIP Phone Systems

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VoIP phone systems bring the future to your fingertips. In our modern world, businesses need precision and efficiency. No one wants to manage day-to-day operations with ten different technology platforms and pay ten separate bills each month. VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, brings all your tech needs together into one bundle that can help your small business run as smoothly as the top Fortune 500 companies. VoIP telephone systems bring your voice calling, team messaging, and video conferencing together into one neat package. This service even gives you the option to integrate additional technology platforms as needed, giving your business the flexibility to handle anything the future brings. Nothing will modernize your company like VoIP, the best small business phone systems available in the market.

Traditional vs. Modern: What Makes the Most Sense for Your Company?

If you want to run your business effectively, you need a way to contact your customers and for them to contact you. The easiest way to do that is with voice calling. However, it’s may not always be that simple. Traditional landlines provide reliable service but can be expensive and outdated. VoIP technology uses the power of an internet connection to integrate all your audio, video and voice platforms under one umbrella. So, which one is right for your business?

  • Traditional Landlines

    Traditional landlines have been the blanket standard for decades. They haven’t changed much since their invention in 1876, making them the perfect example of “if it isn't broke, don’t fix it.” They provide you with a reliable way to contact your clients without the need for internet. Many people enjoy the freedom of not relying on an internet connection, but there are several drawbacks to the landline system. Both their monthly payments and maintenance are costly, and features like call transferring and Caller ID can add up to really impact your bottom line.

  • VoIP Phone Systems

    VoIP phone systems bring the concept of landlines into the future. They are completely internet based, with no physical phone lines to be installed or maintained. Instead, VoIP systems run on a wireless connection. Not only do they not require costly maintenance and installation, but they also come standard with features like Caller ID and automated call transferring. VoIP phone systems also have the added advantage of video conferencing and team messaging integrations as well.

Lineless Telephones? How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP business phone systems are as simple as they are modern. The technology takes your voice and converts it into data packets that are transmitted over the internet. It’s the same principle as sending an email, except it happens in real-time.

On a more practical level, VoIP telephone systems utilize your phone that’s connected to an internet source or the microphone on your computer or laptop. Either option works well; it simply depends on your company’s needs.

On a more practical level, VoIP telephone systems utilize your phone to connect and transmit your voice data over the internet. You can even use a PC, as long as it has a microphone!

5 Ways to Put Your Business Ahead of the Competition

WYN Technologies has some of the best VoIP phones on the market for small businesses, but what makes them so great? These VoIP phone systems improve small business communications in five pivotal ways:

  • Virtual Receptionist

    There’s nothing worse than missing a valuable client because someone wasn’t there to answer the phone. VoIP’s virtual receptionist feature solves this issue and many more. If no one is available to pick up the phone, the virtual receptionist will cordially greet the customer and direct them where they need to go. This prevents customers from sitting on hold endlessly or hearing busy signals.

  • Group Ringing

    Another great feature that VoIP phone systems use to prevent lost calls is ‘group ringing.’ This feature will make every phone in a particular department or office ring simultaneously when a phone call is received, increasing the likelihood that the call won’t be missed. Another similar feature is sequential phone calls, where if the first person is unable to answer, the calls transfer to the next person until someone can speak with the customer.

  • Business Number

    Appearances are important in the business world, and that applies to telephone numbers, too. Having a business number makes your company appear more professional than using your personal number. Not only that, but a business number gives your employees the ability to work outside the office without having to use their cell phone number. VoIP telephone systems can be accessed using an app on your phone or computer.

  • Remote Working Capabilities

    Recent events made many companies realize how beneficial it can be for employees to work from home. This isn’t possible if your company uses traditional landlines; the physical lines tie your employees down in the office. VoIP’s app capabilities solve that problem. This is also an incredibly helpful feature if you want to still be able to take company calls while you’re traveling or out of the office for any reason.

  • Faxes

    You won’t lose your ability to send faxes! In fact, VoIP business phone systems streamline the process with Virtual Faxes sent from your phone.

VoIP’s Key Advantages

With several key advantages that landlines can’t offer, WYN Technologies offers the best VoIP phones for small businesses. These benefits are what set you and your company apart from the competition. VoIP phone systems cost less, maintain better quality, make a better impression, and offer modern working opportunities than anything a land-based phone system can offer.

  • Lower Costs

    The cost of traditional landlines really adds up. Between startup fees, monthly payments, and the cost of maintenance, you may spend a chunk of your profits on your phone system alone. VoIP phone systems cost significantly less while offering more features.

  • Better Impressions

    Features like the Virtual Receptionist and Group Ringing help ensure that your customers never encounter busy signals or endless holding. Getting immediately connected with a representative or being met with the Virtual Receptionist’s pleasant greeting will leave all your customers with a positive opinion of your business.

  • Better Quality

    High speed internet allows you to get crisp, clear quality in all your phone calls. This higher sound quality makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers and makes you appear more professional.

  • Modern Convenience

    Thanks to the virtually endless communication options with VoIP telephone systems, it’s easier than ever for your employees to work from anywhere in the world. This allows you to expand your company and better support your employees’ needs.

Get Whatever You Need with WYN Technologies!

Here at WYN Technologies, we provide Whatever You Need, including the best small business phone systems. VoIP telephone systems will change the way your business operates and put you far ahead of your competitors. Our biggest goal is for all of our customers to succeed!

We do this by staying up-to-date on the best business practices, standards, and finances; sticking to a strong moral compass, and providing you with clear communication tools. Take your small business phone system to the next level today by calling WYN Technologies at (336) 899-0555!

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