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Get the Right Point-of-Sale System for Your Company with WYN Technologies

Point-of-sale systems

Whether you own a restaurant, a boutique, or an amusement park, a point-of-sale system is a pivotal part of your business. No business can function without one. However, knowing you need a POS system for your small business is one thing. Knowing which system you'll require is something else entirely. Here at WYN Technologies, our goal is to help you find the perfect point-of-sale system for you and your company.

From Lemonade Stands to Corporate Chains, Everyone Has a Point-of-Sale System

Every business owner is familiar with the idea of a point-of-sale system. It’s how you receive payments for products and what makes your business run smoothly. However, POS systems for small businesses can come in a variety of styles and formats. It’s essential to know a general definition before we dive into the different kinds of POS solutions, though.

So, what is a point-of-sale system? It’s the method for a business to collect payments. For example, a child’s lemonade stand might use a calculator and a cardboard box as its point-of-sale system, while an online bookstore would use an entirely digital option. The method you use depends entirely on your business’s unique priorities and needs. The real question is deciding what the best POS system is for you.

What POS System is Best for My Business?

There are several points one needs to consider when deciding which point of sale solution is best for your company. Here at WYN Technologies, we recommend researching four specific criteria to help make your decision. These criteria are your business type, the style of system you want, your desired ease of use, the system’s pricing, and the system’s features.

  • Know Your Business

    POS systems are not one-size-fits-all, no matter how comprehensive they might be. This is why it’s essential to pin down precisely what kind of business you operate. A restaurant owner is going to need a different system than a seamstress or online retailer. Do you sell things, or do you rent them out? Are you being paid for a physical object or a service? Is your company brick-and-mortar, internet-based, or a mixture of both? These factors will affect what kind of point-of-sale system you need.

  • Consider the Cloud

    There are two kinds of POS systems available: a locally-based system and a cloud-based system. Cloud-based systems tend to be the best POS system option for several reasons. They’re sleek and don’t take up the same amount of space that physical systems do. They are not limited by location, either. A business transaction with a cash register can only occur in that physical location, but a cloud-based system opens a world of possibilities. Thanks to their convenience and the benefits they offer, cloud-based POS systems quickly outdated locally-based options.

  • Think About Ease of Use

    No matter what type of business you operate, you need a point-of-sale system that is reliable and easy to use. Many times, digital options intimidate employees, but they shouldn’t. You should choose the point-of-sale system that makes the most sense to you. For example, if you use one type of device and software in your personal life, you might want to find a POS system that operates similarly. We highly recommend taking advantage of the free trials many POS software companies offer.

Ponder the Pricing

Since we’re already talking about money with a point-of-sale system, it shouldn’t shock you to know these systems have a cost. Usually, five factors affect POS pricing. Those factors are hardware, software, credit card processing, support, and integrations.

  • Hardware

    The physical products you need will cost money. This is usually a one-time cost and includes hardware like credit card readers, receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and tablets.

  • Software

    There are two types of software used when it comes to pricing. The first kind is an upfront model, where you pay one fee and are subject to nominal fees for upgrades and maintenance. The second is a subscription-based approach, with the maintenance and upgrades included in the monthly cost.

  • Credit card processing

    You would be hard-pressed to operate a business successfully today without accepting credit or debit cards. For this reason, you will need to set up credit card processing through a merchant account.

  • Support

    Whether you’re learning new software or have technical questions, you will need support with your point-of-sale system at some point. Cloud-based systems typically include 24/7 support in their monthly costs, but other systems can cost an arm and a leg for in-person help.

  • Integrations

    Even the best point of sale system might be missing something essential for your business. For this reason, many businesses opt for third-party integrations to fill in the gaps. This will add to the total cost of your POS system.

Explore the Features

The features your point-of-sale system will need depend entirely on your business. And all businesses are different. That means that every company will require a personalized set of features. We often see business owners choose the bare minimum because they’re afraid they can’t afford additional features. WYN Technologies aims to change that trend by providing affordable POS systems with features that are adaptable to any budget!

WYN Technologies Meets Your POS Needs

If you need a point-of-sale system—and you do—you need to contact WYN Technologies. We offer the latest, state-of-the-art cloud-based point-of-sale systems available on the market. Our POS solutions are sure to make your life easier and propel your business forward into the future! That’s our biggest goal. We want you and your business to succeed. WYN Technologies is dedicated to clear communication, ethical service, and making your business operate at its best. Call us today at (336) 899-0555 to get the best point of sale system around!

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