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WYN is about providing quality services with integrity!

WYN Technologies is here to provide Whatever You Need, and we’re proud to do so with both Integrity & Quality – we call that our IQ philosophy. No matter what your project requires, we’re here to take care of your needs. Plus, we’ll take care of you the right way, too!

At WYN, we’re about more than just taking care of your technology installation, operation, & maintenance services in a timely, professional manner. We’re ultimately here for the good of your business. We know how corporate budgets & finances work, and we’re serious about delivering the best ROI to help optimize your business bottom line.

With over 75 years of customer service experience under our collective belts, we’ve learned a few things about the importance of following ethical principles and keeping clear channels of communication open with our clients. Our goal is to always be as transparent and clear with you as possible, and we’ll keep you well-informed about every stage of progress with your project.

We help you easily discover and manage your privileged projects.
Nationwide Sales, Installation, and Technical Consultation Services

WYN Technologies Inc is locally based in High Point, North Carolina, but our service footprint actually extends across the continental United States! WYN is licensed to acquire low voltage permits all over North Carolina, and our licenses are reciprocally accepted in other states, as well. We also partner with electricians across the country so that we can truly deliver turnkey solutions for all of your project needs!

Staging, Storage, Inventory, & Asset Management Services

Our nearly 5,000-square-foot data facility is fully equipped with 24 staging tables, on which we can set up and test up to 240 machines! This facility is also equipped with a secure data closet, limited access control, and state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and monitoring capabilities

Need some secure, reliable management of your inventory and assets? The WYN warehousing facility is 6,000 square feet, with a 32-foot ceiling; we can house up to 740 pallets in this space! Our warehouse space is secured by surveillance cameras, motion sensors, & alarms, and also features limited access. We also have an additional 20,000+ square feet of secure storage space available to meet our clients’ needs

We provide top quality services

Taking Care of Your Needs is Something We Take Seriously

Mission: WYN Technologies is here to provide Whatever You Need in terms of technology business solutions, and to do so with both Integrity & Quality.

Values: Integrity, Quality, Clear Communication, Cost-Effectiveness, and Above-&-Beyond Service & Support

In terms of product quality, we work with some of the best-known and most-respected brands in the business, including Samsung, Sharp, NEC, Cisco, TP-Link, viLogics, Intermedia, Staff Alerter, Poly (Plantronics), CyberPower, APC, and more. These products come with excellent warranties, and we’re happy to provide technical service for everything we sell and install. We can also partner with you to provide ongoing maintenance through our “service after the sale” contracts. By choosing to take advantage, you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing your business technology will be well-maintained and will continue serving you well for years to come.

But beyond these valuable products and services we offer, another distinctive about WYN is our commitment to be here for you whenever you may need us. We actually answer the phone when you call – with no ridiculous, cumbersome menus for you to have to scroll through – and we react swiftly to the needs of our customers and clients 24/7. How’s that for service you can count on?

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (336) 899-0555 , and let’s get the conversation started today!

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